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Who is The Friendly Swede?

The Friendly Swede designs bags inspired by an active, Swedish lifestyle. Ideal for daily life - between home, from work to workout, and for weekend adventures. 

All our products are designed, developed and tested in Sweden, and made in collaboration with long trusted partners in Asia that share our values of quality, style and reliability. Our team on-site conducts strict quality controls and work with our subsuppliers to ensure that we can deliver great bags that meet our high standards time after time. 

About us

Inspired by a Swedish lifestyle

Our aim is to represent a part of Swedishness in the World, with our design, functionality, and our personal and friendly approach. The Swedish lifestyle that inspires us, includes the Swedes’ daily commute to work - through rain, snow and the occasional shine. In daylight and daydark. The love for leisure adventures exploring the World around us, and even more so exploring Swedish landscapes, archipelago, and fells. Staying active and social with friends, and enjoying life. Our bags are however perfectly suitable wherever on the planet you may live. Designed to be stylish and timeless in both quality and looks, with a sporty and interesting spin. 

About us

The Friendliness

Swedish mentality is thoughtful, curious and genuine. Friendliness and positive energy is an important part of The Friendly Swede’s brand, springing from founder John Lundqvist’s focus in customer interaction and general interest in creating friends wherever he turns. If The Friendly Swede succeeds to impress and wow just one customer, it’s worth all efforts of our entire team. Throughout the years, we have been proudly providing millions of customers with quality products and personal, friendly support. And we strive for constant improvement towards delivering the best customer experience there is, as we continue ahead into the future.

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