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Designed in Sweden

Sports Duffel - Sandhamn

Our duffel bags are available in 3 different sizes and 4 color varieties. Made of waterproof, PVC tarpaulin fabric and a water-resistant zipper closure. It can be used as a duffel or worn as a backpack, the choice is yours.

Roll-Top Dry Duffel - Vaxholm

Vaxholm is one of our latest product launches and is made for those of you with an active lifestyle, who also appreciate a cool design. Vaxholm is made of a waterproof, PVC tarpaulin, a water-resistant zipper and a roll-top closure. You’ll find our bag available in 2 colors and you can choose multiple ways to carry the bag.

Travel Bags - Kåbo

Kåbo is designed for those with an active lifestyle, who also appreciate a good looking bag. Made of lightweight, water-repellent fabric with a size that makes this bag the perfect travel companion.

Designed In Sweden

The Friendly Swede

The Friendly Swede produces bags & accessories with attractive & modern design, without leaving out the importance of good functionality.

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