What do you need a duffel bag for?

The first bag that The Friendly Swede launched was the Sandhamn Duffel Bag
Now, we would like to argue that every person needs a duffel bag. But what for? 
Here are four situations when you most definitely need a duffel. 

  • Sports
    Duffel bags are perfect for sports! From the gym to tennis or basketball, the duffel bags are essentials. They are comfortable to wear over either shoulder or like a backpack. Both our bags Sandhamn and Waxholm have straps for taking the bag on the back. The bags are different sizes, so you can decide with fits you the best! The portability and size of the duffle bags make it easy to pack, and throw over on the back on the way for your big game!

  • Travel
    Duffel bags are great for road trips, weekend vacations, and overnights. They make your belongings easy to access and to carry. Duffel bags are a must-have baggage item for travel!

  • Gym 
    Duffel bags stand to throw around with, put it in the trunk or in the gym locker. It is easy to clean. If you choose up to Sandhamn Duffel 60 L it will generally fit into gym lockers. The bags could easily hold gym clothes, shoes, towel and change. 

  • Sealife
    Do you like spending time at the sea? Then a duffel bag is essential! At The Friendly Swede, we offer several duffel bags in waterproof material.

    Of course, we made sure to offer our Sandhamn in three different sizes so that you find one that is perfect for your needs.

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