Christmas ideas - for the classic and dressed-up!

The classic and dressed-up!

Do you look for something classic, timeless and elegant? Is the person a bit vain? Then I have an idea for you! Wouldn't our weekend bag Vreta be a perfect choice? Our most luxurious and stylish weekend bag yet. Vreta is a classic duffel bag in bowling style, with elaborate details and carefully selected materials. For men and women of great taste. This is our idea of the perfect, high-end bags material. Super smooth to the touch. Matte, rubber-like finish. Very low-maintenance, easy to wipe clean, requires no treatment. It is also 100% vegan-friendly. The size works for one day, overnight getaways, to the gym, weekend business trips, or even shopping sprees. The bag opens wide so you don’t need to dig to find your stuff. Looks and feels amazing. We offer the bag in black and green. 

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Merry Christmas from The Friendly Swede!