New website, new blog!

Hello friends!
Welcome to our brand new website and blog! Here we are going to present exciting TFS news, as well as funny and interesting tips and tricks.
In this very first blogpost, I would like to present some TFS news!
New website!
As you probably noticed, we have a brand new website! We've launched a Swedish webshop as a complement to our Amazon shop. For our global friends, we present a product catalog to see all our bags, backpacks and accessories, even the upcoming ones!

Free shipping!
When you order
 in our new webshop, we offer free shipping, regardless of your order value. We want you to have the best shopping experience possible!
If you're having questions or feedback, 
please contact us at
Here comes a sneak peek of what we've been working on:
Vreta "Green"
VRETA in Green