Weather friendly fashion

Why is it so hard to find stylish yet functional fashion? 
We are oftentimes expected to choose between fashion and function - as if these two could not co-exist.

Regardless if the cliché can be explained by thought of ultra-functional sports gear, traumatic rainwear from the years in kindergarten, or the fact that most fashion attire is rather unpractical - we are on a mission to change it. 

The whole purpose of a bag is very much in its function: you use it to carry your stuff from point A to point B. But a bag is much more than that - it is undoubtedly also a fashion accessory.  

And while people might value fashionable attributes and functional features very differently, we believe everyone is on the hunt for a bag that not only does the job in its essence, but one that does it whilst looking great. 

The Friendly Swede makes bags inspired by a Swedish lifestyle. What does that entail? Well firstly, Sweden and Scandinavia has long been the home of many influential designers and trendsetters. The clean and minimalist lines, quality and robustness, modern and practical design and a luxurious yet simple appearance; are all part of the Swedish fashion wonder. These also inspire the designs and product development of The Friendly Swede.

If we zoom in on the aspects of the typical, Swedish lifestyle, it is one that is strongly connected to the weather and our seasons. Through Sweden's four significant seasons, nature changes and affects the lifestyle of us Swedes quite a bit. The weather is really one of Swedes' favorite discussion topics, and few conversations are spared from talking about the temperature, wind, how many hours of sun we've had last month or how many millimeters of rain (or meters of snow) we've had this season. So what do we do with this weather? Stay inside, take a taxi to work? Call off any plans, cancel schools and declare a snow day? 

No, no, no. If it is one thing that has been ingrained in Swedes since young age, it is that:
there are no bad weathers, only bad clothes. 

And as the saying goes: kläder efter väder, or "dress appropriately to the weather". Of course, these mottos sound better in Swedish since clothes (kläder) and weather (väder) rhymes :) 

So what is required from a bag that is to represent and endure a Swedish lifestyle?

A: it needs to look good and be true to the Swedish design heritage.

B: it needs to withstand the weathers throughout all 4 seasons of the year.

C: It needs to be practical for all the activities that Swedes do on the daily, eg bike to work, go straight from the office to Padel practice, hunting for chanterelle mushrooms in the forest, or cross country skiing to watch the northern lights...

A few of our bags that tick all these boxes, are listed here! 

- Completely waterproof, stylish and bold in its contrast rich design. Sized perfectly for the daily necessities. 

- Highly water- and tear resistant with a minimalist, trendy silhouette. A premium and urban looking backpack for every day and any outfit. 

- Waterproof fabric but with zippers (hence, it's not 100% waterproof). It is sporty, casual and bridges the gap between leisure and urban backpacks. Larger for a full day adventure or when you want to pack more for work. 

- Our signature duffel bag that can be carried on the back with detachable backpack straps. What's not to love!

Which one do you choose? 

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