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The story of The Friendly Swede began in 2011 when founder John Lundqvist set out on a journey halfway around the world to visit his friend in China. Once there he got inspired to stick around and chase his lifelong dream, to create a business in his own regime, to design and sell clever products - solutions to everyday problems. 

It wasn’t long before John had set up a shop at the world's largest online selling platform, Amazon, and business was booming. John’s extreme attention to details and quality, as well as his strive to go above and beyond for his customers, soon earned him the nickname - The Friendly Swede.



It should be noted, that John wasn’t quite the ordinary guy living in China. His international friends would often pick on him for being just as Swedish as he is. From choosing his bike over the car (no matter the weather), drinking buckets of black coffee for Fika, to his no-shoes-indoors policy. True to his roots, he was proud to represent small Sweden on the global market.



Some years later, and with a truckload of experience and inspiration after selling various products online, John decided it was time to take the next step. He had wanted to specialize within the bags market for a long time, after not finding a stylish bag, with quality features, to bring between activities in his work and everyday, busy life. Either they were too ultra-functional with less fashionable elements, or just a plain, boring backpack of low quality. He moved back to Sweden and teamed up with a few friends, experienced within fashion accessories product development. It was time to bring the business back home and to supply the world with the ultimate go to bags for people, just like himself, with active, Swedish-like lifestyles.

Today, we - the team behind The Friendly Swede, make reliable and durable bags inspired by a Swedish, active lifestyle. Our bags have a strong influence by classic, Swedish design with a modern and sporty spin. We want to inspire others to live their busy lives with a smile. In all customer interaction, from physical product to customer communication, we still go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver exquisite experiences.

The Friendly Swede

Bags inspired by a Swedish lifestyle



Should I order here or via Amazon?
For now, our webshop is open for business in Sweden. Orders are received, prepped and ships from our office in Uppsala! Our friends abroad are very welcome to shop from us via Amazon. Direct links to Amazon are available on all product pages. 

Why are you always writing in English? Are you really Swedish?   
Självklart! You might call it the Dolph Lundgren syndrome - since we've been abroad for so long, we're starting to lose our Swedish... No, but we want our global communication to be in English for everyone to understand. But we can always support you in Swedish, of course! You can also drop by our office at Dragarbrunnsgatan 39 for a cup of Lindvalls kaffe. 

How long have you been developing bags? 
We have had a fun journey selling.. well, almost everything, on Amazon. From cellphone accessories, preppers' survival kits, outdoor gear and sports equipment.. But after getting really good at bags especially, there was no turning back for us! All products launched after 2017 are within the bags and accessories field.

If something happens to my bag, will you honor your Friendly promise? 
Yes! Our customers are everything, and we always go the extra mile, above and beyond, to give you the best buying experience. In short, our bags have a generous 3-year warranty. Find all terms here. For any questions, big or small, just write to us: 

What about the return process?
Our motto is to keep all problem-solving and return arrends completely hassle-free and smooth, so that you'll want to keep doing business with us. To exercise your 30-day return and exchange rights, contact us at and we'll guide you from there. 

I wanna buy the other bags from the product catalog! 
Yes, awesome!! :) If you scream loud enough, our boss will allow us to rebuild our inventory room to fit a bigger part of the assortment! Contact us to make it happen! If you don't want to wait, Amazon can fulfill orders to Sweden, too.