When designing a bag, we have some guiding keywords that we take great pride in reaching with all of our designs.

Sporty - We carefully choose the best materials available. They shall be robust and durable but also practical. We always use fabrics that last for a long time and our bags shall always hold up for daily adventures, regardless if you ride your bike to work or put the bag on a wet floor in the subway.
Urban, stylish with a clean look - Can a bag be both stylish but also very comfortable and practical? Of course! This is the purpose of our product development. Bring your bag to work, to the gym, meet friends for dinner after work, it is always so stylish that it will fit in anywhere.
High Quality - Most importantly, we never compromise with quality. When designing a bag, we discuss not only which is the best material for the bag itself but also for each detail such as buckles, handles, straps, zippers etc. Our bags are all water resistant (most of our materials are actually waterproof). Our fabrics are laminated with foil in either TPU, PU or PVC (which are all following the REACH standard and are free from toxins).

Who best knows the different weather conditions? Hey, we are Swedish…

We know how to produce bags for all different kinds of weather, and for sure, Swedes know what to expect when it comes to durability and waterproofness. Even though we always discuss the (bad) weather, we love to be outdoors and live an active life. With that said, we design bags that we would like to use ourselves, and never compromise with high quality and durability. 


Besides the active outdoor life, Swedes are known as a very friendly people. This is our strongest keyword when it comes to our partners, we work closely with a few manufacturers, we believe in a close, friendly long-term cooperation.

100% of our production is in China where we have our local staff working full-time to work closely with our manufacturers. We visit the factories several times a year, and collaborate with our suppliers both in designing, choosing the most forward materials, optimizing the production process, ensuring timely deliveries etc. 

Our producers don't always offer the lowest prices but for us, high quality and fair working processes are much more important than getting the lowest price. After several years of collaboration, we know we can trust our partners, and always receive the best materials and workmanship for our range of bags. This also reflects in our price point, where we always launch bags at prices that are fair and affordable, for the quality you can expect to receive. 

Even though we believe we work with the best suppliers, we never approve any production without quality control. We never compromise with these controls, which we conduct on a 100% basis. This ensures we can guarantee and stand behind the quality of our products for every unit sold and also inspires our producers to always give that little extra love to each production.