Do you want to get ahead and specialize in Amazon sales?

Amazon is the world’s greatest marketplace with billions of shoppers worldwide. It is an ever-changing environment where “survival of the fittest sellers” is evident, everyday. Amazon is still growing fast, and break new grounds all the time. Being on Amazon is staying on top of e-commerce development. Mr Bezos has done his part, in bringing a huge pool of shoppers to the platform. Now it’s up to you, to grab these and convert them into customers of The Friendly Swede’s products.


The Friendly... what?

The Friendly Swede! We’re born, raised, living and thriving in Uppsala, but the world is our market. We were one of the first (and still among few) Swedish selling accounts on Amazon, starting in 2011, with a substantial amount of our sales still coming in through our Amazon accounts in US, Japan and EU.

We are a small and dynamic team, with a burning drive to make the world a friendlier place. Our products are relatable, and all designed here in Uppsala, in beautiful, central offices with views over Domkyrkan and Slottet.

With big plans ahead, we are now looking for a sales-oriented, data loving heiress or heir to the Amazon Account Manager role. You, who will gladly take ownership of the most important part of our business, and get into all the nitty-gritty ways of Amazon success. We’ll help you become an expert at selling on one of the world’s top marketplaces, and you’ll contribute to the company’s success in the most exciting part of our history as well.

You will be responsible of controlling, optimizing and growing our products’ performance on Amazon in Europe, US and Japan. Amazon SEO, managing our PPC ads, analyzing KPIs and most importantly take actions for improvement - these are the main areas of your daily work. You love crunching numbers, looking for trends and learning as much as you can, to be come our next Amazon expert. Introduce yourself, or someone you know of! Vi hörs! - CEO - Sales Manager